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Comments (128)

Thank you for the cookie! It tasted very nice :)

I'm glad you liked it! :)

N***ar what part of auz you from



Did you enjoy your cookie? :)

Your just trying to make me FAYT!!!

More of you to love. ;)

i was sitting there for like 20 seconds thing, surely it isn't "bye"

and i worked it out! Its by!

Really? I'll get right on that. In the mean time, enjoy the cookie. :)

Thank you for your cookie, but look out for Cookie Stack Images. They're boomin'

I'd like to have a sig please }:-)

Sure man. Can you PM me what type of style or theme your after. I've got a bit on my plate atm but I'm on holidays so when I get shit done I can do to straight after. :)

Your profile picture is awesome.

Why thank you! Luis is very nice. But he refuses to buy me beer and after a while I get quite thirsty. Is the guy in your profile picture you?

Was trying to find your page to watermark your username to my video.. Spent ages finding this. Spell "AwEsome" right next time :P

Sorry about that. I only noticed at 400 posts.

"...watermark your username to my video..."!? Thats awsome! But why? :D.

See what I did there. ;)

Also, what was that book you where telling me about. I can't remember the name for the life of me. I finally got my Dads Wacom working. But I think I'll start sketching on paper more often.

Oh, and the reason I didn't talk to you more about your work like the Gamer Tonight series, the Gameoverse series and Derpcraft was because I thought for a second that was someone else and didn't want to risk the embarrassment. Love your work. Must have been pretty amazing to get your work on Good Game and PlayBoy!

And get Luis to photocopy that dick-o-saur! That thing was great!

Haha it's cool. Yeah the book is called "The Animators Survival Kit". Well worth the read, I can guarantee you!

I'll check it out.

Oh i like your username, it includes my favorite word, spelled correctly :3

I first get my name changed. I need 5 sigs for 5 auras. I'll put you then in my buttanz for cool users


Ok. But I'm working on my Dad's 50th invitation atm and my grandpas getting pissed at me for being so slow. haha.

Do be honest, I don't even know what I clicked to end up here.


Well you're here and thats all that matters. :)

I made a typo in that last comment and I feel ashamed.

Everyone makes mistakes. :)

But... But... It's not white chocolate...

Well I have some white chocolate peanut butter cups in my pocket.
Would you like to share. :3

And a cookies was ate.

Bitch. Why'd you steal my cookie! ;)



i love you <3

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Are you the guy in with spaghetti hair?


Australians are convicted faggots.


Awesome is a much better colour than YELLOW imo.

Ain't that the truth. <3

Gay cookies are the best cookies. :33

Everyone has the right to be delicious! :D

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